Sadie Rucker

Determined Protector Firefighter


Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Wrath Concept: Determined Protector Profession: Firefighter

ATTRIBUTES Intelligence 1 Wits 3 Resolve 2 Strength 3 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2 Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 3

SKILLS Investigation 1 Medicine (Oh GOD make the hurting stop) 3 Athletics (climbing) 3 Brawl 3 Drive 2 Survival 1 Weaponry (Axe) 2 Empathy 2 Intimidation 1 Persuasion 1 Streetwise 3

OTHER TRAITS Boxing 2 Fire Dept. (allies) 1 Resources 1 Unseen Sense (infernal) 1


Size 5 Speed 11 Defense 3 Armor – Kevlar Vest (1/2) Initiative Mod 6


Fireman’s Axe (large) - Dice Mod 3 - Range M - lethal damage - Size 3

Boot Knife - Dice Mod 1 - Range M - lethal damage - Size 1

EQUIPMENT First Aid Kit (EMT) Flashlight Police Scanner


Sadie Rucker was born in Los Angeles, California, to Jed and Marisa Rucker. Marisa, the only girl of eight children, was the daughter of Hispanic immigrants to the United States; Jed was the only son of an only son, and a third generation firefighter. They lived in a small apartment near the stationhouse, where Sadie remembers playing in the kitchen at her mother’s feet while her mother would bake cookies for Jed’s next shift. The three of them were extremely happy, even if a bit stretched for money on occasion.

When Sadie was only two, her mother died suddenly. Crushed by the loss, Jed moved back to the small town where he’d been born without so much as a word to Marisa’s family. Jed reconnected with old friends and family, and joined the small fire department where his predecessors had worked. Out of the city, he was a little less strapped for cash, so he bought a house where he could raise his daughter.

Sadie became the fire hall’s unofficial mascot, and grew up with an extended family of firefighters and their children. She never found herself wanting for friends or support, and had a very close group of a few friends throughout her life.

Though her grades in school were middling, she excelled at sports and dabbled in student government. She earned spare cash washing the fire trucks in the station, and then later as a camp counselor for small children through the local YMCA. She started dating Jared, one of the boxing instructors that worked there, and despite Jed’s threats to break the Jared’s face should he try anything with his daughter, Sadie dated him without much incident.

When she graduated high school, she took a job as the fire hall’s receptionist; but quickly found she couldn’t stand being left behind when a call went out. When the next testing for firefighters came up, Sadie poured herself into the training, and emerged top of her class – and at 23, was the only woman firefighter in the station. She and Jared moved into a house together, and though he hadn’t proposed, there were rumors at the YMCA that he was planning to do so sometime soon.

Before Jared could make good on the plan, though, Jed was diagnosed with virulent colon cancer, and Sadie moved back in with him. His health declined rapidly, though, and he died by the time she was 24. Jared asked her to move back in with him; but Sadie declined.

While she sorted out his bills, the will and the property transfer, she received a letter from her grandmother, Marisa’s mother. It was addressed to Sadie at her father’s address. From the content, Sadie gathered that her grandmother had been sending her letters her whole life – despite no replies. To her knowledge, Sadie had never received a letter from any of her relatives, which meant her father had been keeping them from her. It was a little late to be angry at her father, so Sadie decided to investigate the letters instead. She contacted her grandmother, who still lived in LA; and after several pleasant phone calls and even more invitations to visit, Sadie headed back to the city of angels.

Her mother’s family greeted her tearfully, thrilled to be reunited with their ‘lost child.’ They were an extremely superstitious and religious Catholic lot, particularly her grandmother; which was strange to Sadie, since Jed had raised her with nary a word about anything spiritual or supernatural. Still, they were boisterous and fun, joyful and friendly – and Sadie loved every minute she spent with them, even if they were nuts.

She learned more about her mother from them than she ever had from her father – how Marisa was a dancer, an artist and a bit of a black sheep in the church. The family had disapproved of her marriage to Jed; but eventually, they grew to love him as well. The biggest shock, though, was that Sadie’s mother had been murdered. She’d been walking home from visiting Jed at the precinct one night with Sadie in tow, and someone had killed her there in the street. Sadie didn’t remember any of it; but her grandmother insisted it was true.

Sadie went back and forth between her town and LA several times; and every time she came home, it felt more and more empty whenever she’d walk into her father’s house. The lies her father had told her, the hidden letters and the inability to ask him anything gnawed at her.

Between the pain of her father’s death and lies, and the joy of her newly-discovered family, Sadie decided to sell her father’s house and move to Los Angeles. The sale of his house pending, she sought out a job with the LA fire department. Barring no mishaps, she should soon be able to restart her life with her mother’s family.

Sadie Rucker

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